What should I put in my resume?

~Start with a professional structure 

~Include contact info - First and Last name, Best Contact Number, Email Address, city and State (not whole address) and Linkedin profile address

~Include a professional summary - this is your 30 second pitch, who you are, who you help and how you help them. 

Professional Summary

Title of Position or Title similar to the position you want

3 key skills - look in the job posting 

3 Sentences explaining how your background and experience will help the company solve a pain point. Discuss your specialty and what makes you an expert. 

~List the most current date and then go back in time with your experience.

~Include your current professional job title/position and make sure to include dates of employment.

~Include the company name and location. 

~List key responsibilities in bullet points. Focus on Accomplishments and job description. 

~Add key achievements if applicable. Watch your verbs - instead of “helping words” like help, support, assist use spearheaded, developed, facilitated, designed, transformed

~For each job on your resume, write out what you did and what you achieved and only use 6 bullets for each job. 

Use the strengths you wrote above and match them up with the skills, qualification or experience listed in the job description you’re applying for. Write a few sentences and include a few ways you’ve excelled at these items in your job, education or volunteer time. Make sure the sentences you write down show quantifiable results.

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